Dr Will Taegel

by Jennifer

Dr Will Taegel | http://themothertongue.org/book-launch.htm

Check out this quote from an awesome book by Dr, Will Taegel, The Mother Tongue: Intimacy in the Eco-field. “When I use the term, Mother Tongue, note that I refer not only to expressions of ancient wisdom but also to the science of fields. My aim is to be multi-lingual and thus able to explore multiple levels of the human epic, but always returning to The Great Mother’s primordial wisdom and Her way of expressing Herself at the base of all things.” ~Will Taegel~ http://dld.bz/bMQU7 Buy the book; receive free gifts today! http://themothertongue.org/book-launch.htm

ABOUT: Renowned author and leading-edge thinker Dr. Will Taegel grew up on the Llano Estacado in Texas where he began his lifelong and intimate relationship with Nature. Choosing an integrative approach early in his career, Dr. Taegel received his formal education at Emory University gaining a Masters degree; and at the University of California Berkeley where he earned a Doctorate from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Concurrent with his formal education he explored his Native American heritage and received traditional training in the ways of the Shaman.

He has written eight books weaving together nature, spirituality, psychology, and relationship and has recently been appointed Dean of Faculty at Wisdom University. Author of Nature and Intimacy, and Natural Mystics, Dr. Taegel has a newly published book entitled The Sacred Council of Your WILD HEART: Nature’s Hope in Earth’s Crisis.



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