Maureen Dawn Healy is a popular author, speaker and healer working with parents globally. Her last book, Growing Happy Kids, guided adults to nurture a deeper type of confidence in themselves and their children. Her new book, The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids, reveals how your highly sensitive yet defiant children can succeed. She’s also a popular Psychology Today blogger, and has been on NBC, ABC and the CW. Learn more about her at: or @mdhealy

Topic: Seeing More Success with Highly Sensitive Children
Maureen reveals who the highly sensitive children are and what they need from adults today.

Specifically, she shares:

  • The Difference Between HSC and Indigo Kids
  • How Indigo Energy Works* How Indigo Kids Heal (multi-dimensionally)
  • What These Kids Need to Succeed (Indigo Success Model on pg. 209 with 5 Keys)