Jane Falke

by Jennifer

TOPIC: Poor food choices affect our long-term health

Jane Falke is the founder of ‘The Nutritionist Naturally’, and author of the book Eat Healthy. Be Healthy at Any Age: Discover Why Food is the Problem as Well as the Solution.

‘Eat Healthy. Be Healthy at Any Age’ isn’t like other diet and well being books you’ve read in the past. The ideas and principles in this book are based on Falke’s sound experience as a microscopist, certified plant-based nutritionist from eCornell University/T. Colin Campbell Foundation (Dr. Campbell is a professor at Cornell University and wrote the well documented/researched book on nutrition called ‘The China Study’), certified raw food nutrition and raw food preparation instructor, and her Master in Holistic Nutrition.

The author has practiced the teachings in the book to great success. So much so Jane Falke enjoys fantastic health at the age of 71, and is physically and mentally healthy without the need for medication.

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