Bob and Judith Wright

by Jennifer

Dr. Bob Wright, Professor of Transformational Leadership at the Wright Graduate University and Dr. Judith Wright, Professor of Transformational Education are the co-founders of Wright-a transformative education organization devoted to bring out the best in people and those they touch as well as the Wright Graduate University offering masters and doctorates. Their work has appeared on and in major national TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Their model blends the best innovations from the history of personal development, taught through a framework of theory, groups, and coaching. Learn more about them at:

Topic: The Secrets Behind Lasting Transformation and Fulfillment

We all want spectacular lives—filled with success but also deep fulfillment and meaning. But what does that really take? Out of an intensive research project, Bob and Judith Wright have uncovered a six phase process for what it takes to experience lasting transformation. Join me as they share compelling and surprising insights about the process they discovered and how you can use this process to have more of everything you yearn for.

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