Ariel and Shya Kane

by Jennifer

Since 1987 Ariel & Shya Kane have been steadily sharing a way of living life directly,
in the moment, without worry, stress, or anxiety. As internationally acclaimed
authors, seminar leaders and consultants, their transformational approach allows
people to discover satisfaction and increased productivity in all areas of their lives,
without working on their “problems.” They are expert guides who, with great skill
and humor, bring people through the swamp of the mind into the clarity and
brilliance of the moment.

From their ground-breaking book Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work to their latest
book How to Have A Match Made in Heaven, gold medal winner of the Nautilus
Book Award, to their speaking engagements at the United Nations Society for
Enlightenment and Transformation and Alternatives – the UK’s premier venue for the
biggest names in the mind, body, spirit world – Ariel & Shya continue to reach
audiences hungry for the possibility of a life filled with ease, well being and
satisfaction. Their acclaimed seminars in New York City, Europe and Costa Rica
open up previously unseen possibilities in people’s lives, allowing them to live the
life of their dreams. You can learn more about their books, seminars, Internet radio
show: Being Here, as well as their Excellence Club online community at: and

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